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Graduation Requirements

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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

For questions regarding graduation requirements please contact Lana Kruml or Mark Hagge at the high school office.

A. Required Hours for Graduation

1. A student must have passing grades in classes totaling 250 credit hours in grades 9-12.

2. In the 250 credit hours requirement for graduation, a student must have completed and receive a passing grade in the following course requirements totaling a minimum of 195 credits:

a) English - 40 credit hours - English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12
b) Social Studies - 30 credit hours minimum - World Geography 9, American History 11, American Government 12
c) Mathematics - 30 credit hours minimum - Three courses from: Algebra Concepts, Geometry Concepts, Alegbra 1, Algebra 2 or Geometry
d) Science - 30 credit hours minimum - Science 9, Biology, Science Elective
e) Health & Physical Education - 10 credit hours
f) Information Technology – 5 credit hours minimum
g) Fine Arts - 10 credit hours minimum
h) Career & Vocational Area - 30 credit hours minimum
i) Speech - 5 credit hours
j) Personal Finance – 5 credit hours - The requirement of Personal Finance may be waived for students who successfully pass the following sequence of classes: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and either Advanced Math or Accounting I

3. The following applies to courses taken for graduation:

k) An additional speech course (beyond the required 5 hour Speech) (2i above) may be chosen and applied in the areas of English or Fine/Performing Arts but the same course cannot be used in both areas to meet the requirement.
l) Strength Training courses can only be counted as an elective for graduation and cannot be substituted for health and physical education requirements.
m) Students receiving credit for Independent Study courses must meet the State Department of Education minimum of 112 1/2 clock hours with teacher and student - preferably 150 hours - for 10 units of credit.

B. Waivers of Courses

1. Waivers of courses in required areas shall not be allowed generally except for seriously handicapped students  and only with the approval of the principal.

2. A student shall not be allowed to waive more than 5 hours of credit in required areas in grades 9-12 and can only be done with the approval of the principal and the teacher of the course being waived if there is a definite schedule conflict.

a) If 5 hours of credit is waived because of a schedule conflict, the following shall apply: Waiver can only be used if there is a definite conflict in the schedule that causes a great hardship.

b) Waiver can only be granted to a student once, only when necessary, and can be for only a maximum of hours credit during grades 9-12.

C. Required Academic Load

1. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students shall be required to be enrolled in a minimum of four periods of classes on a four period block schedule.

D. Early Out Consideration for Graduation

1. A student can only be considered for early-out graduation at the end of the first two terms of the senior year (December).

2. Students wishing to be considered for early-out for graduation shall be required as follows:

a) Application for early completion of coursework must be submitted before September 1st of the student’s senior year.

b) Rationale for submission in a written document outlining the planning process as evidence of the impact of such reqests

c) The student's parent or legal guardian must submit a letter in support of the student request for early completion of coursework, and such written request must be submitted with the aforementioned evidence of future planning.

d) The point of early completion of coursework shall be following completion of the first semester of the senior year.

e) Students making application for early completion of coursework must have completed a minimum of 250 credit hours to qualify for consideration unless otherwise approved by the Board of Education.

f) Upon submission of application for, early completion of coursework the student and his/her parents or guardians shall meet with the principal and superintendent to review application materials.

g) The principal and superintendent shall have preliminary approval of applications for early completion of coursework within five working days of completing the student/parent/guardian conference.  Final approval must be granted by the Board of Education after presentation of the application by the student.  Presentations will be made at the board meeting immediately following the principal and superintendents preliminary approval.

h) Rejection of applications by the principal and superintendent may be appealed to the Board of Education by requesting board consideration through the Office of the Superintendent within ten (10) days of the administration rendering a decision.

i) No special graduation ceremony will be held for applicants requesting early completion privileges.  Diploma dispersion and graduation privileges are only held at designated time on yearly calendar.

E. Residence Requirements

1. Two semesters of attendance under normal circumstances shall be completed in residence at Ord High School to qualify for graduation and receipt of a diploma from Ord High School.

2. If a student cannot meet this graduation requirement and wishes to be considered for graduation, the student must make application to the Superintendent, stating in writing the reason for being unable to fulfill the residence requirement.

F. Honoring Transcripts and Credits from Other Schools

1. Transcripts and credits of transfer students shall be accepted only from schools which are accredited or approved by the State Department of Education of their respective states.  Credits from schools not accredited or approved by their respective state departments shall not be honored by Ord High School. 

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