"Give A Gift Which Will Invest In The Future Of Our Youth"

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence

The goal of the Ord Public Schools Foundation is to develop and maintain programs focusing on the highest level of educational excellence for the students and the entire community.

Looking Toward the Future

Your generosity to the Ord Public Schools Foundation will be used to strengthen:

Academic & Vocational Programs
Technology Education
Scholarship & Awards
Arts & Athletics

Facilities & Equipment Forming the Foundation is Good for Students

- Organized exclusively for educational, scientific and charitable purposes.
- Invests and distributes 100% of the donations - no deductions for administrative expenses.
- Consists of a nine member Board of Directors.

Supporting Education is Good for You

- Tax Advantages (Tax-exempt Organization; deductible for income, estate and gift tax purposes; contact an attorney or tax consultant for specific advice.
- Provides new and exciting opportunities for present and future Ord and Comstock area students.
- Allows you to say "thank you" showing your special commitment to education and upholding the spirit of the Ord Chanticleers.

Donating Different Kinds of Gifts

1. Outright Gifts - gifts of cash or securities.
2. Memorial Gifts - honoring relatives or friends.
3. Deferred Gifts - bequests, trusts or life insurance policies.
4. Special Gifts - money to support a specific designated area.
5. Real Estate

Recognizing Your Generosity

By making a donation to the fund, you will receive a certificate and be recognized on the Foundation Plaque of Honor as follows:

Copper ............. $200 - $499 Gift
Bronze ............. $500 - $999 Gift
Silver ............... $1000 - $2499 Gift
Gold ................$ 2500 - $4999 Gift
Platinum ........... $5000 and up

Gifts of $50-$199 will be recognized with a certificate and gifts of under $50 will be recognized with a letter of gratitude from the Foundation.

Contact the Foundation

If you would like to make a donation to the Ord Public Schools Foundation write or call:

Ord Public Schools Foundation
320 North 19th Street
Ord, NE 68862
(308) 728-5013

**Printable Donation Form**

Donations are recognized on the Foundation Plaque of Honor.