Ord Jr./Sr. High School
School Improvement Framework and Action Plan for Success
Mission:Ord Public Schools is committed to the pursuit of excellence by all stakeholders in:Character - Responsibility, leadership, respect, integrity, empathy, perseverance and honest effort.Academics - Problem solving, logical reasoning, and lifelong growth. Community - cooperation, teamwork, and communication.
Vision:Build upon our tradition of academic excellence by providing our students with a comprehensive and challenging educational experience that develops the whole person. Ord Public Schools strives to help students realize their potential and become socially responsible American citizens that place a premium on showing compassion and respect for one another.
Goals:District School Improvement Goals: Students will:1.) Maintain a level of regular attendance.2.) Improve math, reading, and science skills.

3.) Develop and participate in service learning projects in cooperation with community members.

Action Plan/ Strategies:1.) Positive recognition for students with perfect attendance and students with 95% or better attendance at a school wide assembly quarterly.2.) Use assessment data to promote academic success for each student:A.) Use scores from NeSA, MAPS, and ACT test scores to monitor annual progress.

B.) Use classroom based measurement to monitor daily progress.

3.) Continue to use lunch study hall for students on the down list to provide additional study time and motivation to keep grades up throughout the term.

4.) Continue a peer tutoring program for struggling students throughout the 2012-13 school year.

5.) Use faculty meetings to collaborate and plan for continued student success and to plan strategies for students with learning disabilities and those not meeting district expectations.

A.) Early dismissals/in-service days.

B.) IEP meetings with special education staff and parents.

C.) SAT (student assistance team) meetings and plan of action.

D.) Teachers of math, reading, and science collaborate and plan for preparing students for meeting core standards.

E.) APL training sessions.

6.) Make use of access time to develop a service learning project and collaborate with other access classes if needed to complete the projects.

7.) Use access time for students to participate in activities that will build a school community that fosters self-esteem and respect for all students.

Outcomes:1.) All students will achieve an attendance record of 95% or better.2.) 90% of students in grades 7-11 will perform at or above grade level.3.) Realize a 10% improvement in student attitude toward community involvement as measured by an attitude survey.
Resources Provided:1.) NeSA training tests; 2.) OdesseyWare software for credit recapture or high ability learners; 3.) ACT Practice Test Software; 4.) Professional Development Opportunities; 5.) PowerSchool Reports; 6.) Student Surveys; 7.) TeamMates mentoring program
  1. ) Ord Public Schools District Report
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  5. ) Annual Report in Ord Quiz.
  6. ) Quarterly School Improvement Report on Party line Part 2.