In 2019, OHS started a new program that allowed students to engage in engineering and technology. Through the first three years of the program students have gotten a taste of how robotics is used in the real world and how they operate. With the pandemic, the robotics program had to set back their goal of competing on the state and national scale. Finally, after those three educational years, the robotics class is preparing to enter into their first competitions. Students who are enrolled in the advanced robotics section in the spring are getting a head start on the construction of their competitive bots. This year’s robotics game, sponsored by VEX robotics, has students trying to find an efficient way to score rings and maneuver pedestals to score the most points. “I have really enjoyed this class for students. It is a completely different way for students to learn and combine their ingenuity with creativity” says Mr. Barnes. “I am really anxious to see how the kids compete against other schools. It will be a great experience for the kids, win or lose.”