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The Ord High School track and field teams had another successful outing this past Friday at the St. Paul Invitational.  Both the girls and boys finished first in the eight-team field.  “We had a really good day on Friday”, Coach Derry Trampe commented.  “Not only did we win both meets but our kids had a total of 26 personal best performances on a day that was tough for running.  I am very pleased with the way we are performing as a group right now.  We have a lot of depth that I didn’t think we would have, and we also have some high-quality performers.”  The boys scored 122 points to just edge out St. Paul (120) for the top spot in the team race.  Centura was distant third with 90 points.  “I was a little surprised that our boys were able to win the meet”, Trampe said.  “St. Paul has a very good team, but our kids just competed really well.”  Rounding out the team scoring for the boys were:  Burwell (77), Wood River (46), Central City (34), Ravenna (30), and Palmer (7).

The girls dominated the field finishing 38.5 points ahead of the second-place team.  The Chants scored 142.5 points to finish well ahead of Centura (104).  “We have a lot of quality points on our team”, Trampe stated.  “We can pick up a lot of first and second place points with our girls and we still have enough depth to earn a lot of points for 4th through 6th place finishes.  I am really pleased with how hard our girls compete.”  Rounding out the team scores for the girls were: St. Paul (87), Wood River (71), Ravenna (48), Central City (37), Burwell (31.5), and Palmer (5).

Blake Wells was the lone gold medal winner for the boys’ team.  Wells cleared 11’0” in the vault to claim first place.  Second place medals were won by John DeRiso in the 800 (2:12.80), Calen Pollard in the 1600 (5:12.29 PB) and 3200 (11:36.94), Dylan Hurlburt in the long jump (19’ 4.75” PB), Jace Geiser in the pole vault (10’ 0”), the 4 X 400 relay team of John DeRiso, Calen Pollard, Aidan Ryschon, and Owen Lane (3:44.51), and the 4 X 800 relay team of Garret Severance, Maddox Bennett, Grady Moudry, and Elijah Pollard (9:57.79).  Third place awards went to John DeRiso in the 400 (53.56), Garret Severance in the 1600 (5:28.87), and Will Grint in the shot put (46’ 4.5” PB).  Fourth place medals were won by Owen Lane in the 800 (2:19.31), Elijah Pollard in the 1600 (5:33.20), Jacob Stam in the shot put (45’ 10”), Will Grint in the discus (137’ 0” PB), Aidan Ryschon in the pole vault (9’ 6”), and the 4 X 400 relay team of John DeRiso, Aidan Ryschon, Dylan Hurlburt, and Gage Racek (47.14).  Fifth place winners were Owen Lane in the 400 (56.31), Brodie Klimek in the 3200 (13:05.61 PB), Sam Boettcher in the discus (129’ 0”), and Talan Bruha in the long jump (18’ 2.25”).  Sixth place awards included Jace Geiser in the 800 (2:21.78 PB), Jericho Smith in the 3200 (13:21.16), Sam Boettcher in the shot put (44’ 11” PB), Dylan Hurlburt in the triple jump (36’ 11.25”), and Gage Kolar in the pole vault (8’ 6”).

Several girls brought home gold medals from the meet.  Gold medal winners included Piper Whited in the 1600 (6:22.02), Britta Deden in the 100HH (17.01) and 300LH (52.32), and Lexis Vancura in the triple jump (34’ 2.25” PB).  Second place medals went to Britta Deden in the 200 (27.70), Macy Warner in the 3200 (14:37.80), Lexis Vancura in the long jump (16’ 4”), Brookelyn Fox in the pole vault (8’ 0”), and the 4 X 100 relay team of Lexis Vancura, Journi Moran, Kaidence Wilson, and Britta Deden (54.46).  Third place awards were won by Izzy Jeffres in the 3200 (14:46.28), Marin Reilly in the shot put (33’ 7.5”), Journi Moran in the long jump (15’ 11.5”) and triple jump (32’ 5.5”), Kaidence Wilson and Lexis Vancura tied for 3rd – 6th in the high jump (4’ 8”), and the 4 X 400 relay team of Maggie Fischer, Marin Reilly, Nikie Nelson, and Claire Cargill (4:40.35).  Fourth place points were scored by Maggie Fischer in the 400 (67.89), Macy Warner in the 1600 (7:00.88), Valeria Chacon-Arellano (14:52.33), and the 4 x 800 relay team of Maggie Fischer, Macy Warner, Piper Whited, and Claire Cargill (11:25.37). Picking up fifth place medals were Kaidence Wilson in the 200 (28.79), Valeria Chacon-Arellano in the 1600 (7:13.64), and Jocelyn Hinrichs in the 300 LH (55.76).  Sixth place went to Nikie Nelson in the 400 (69.38), Claire Cargill in the 800 (2:50.61), Allison Moudry in the shot put (32’ 8”), and Marin Reilly in the discus (102’ 0” PB).

Additional Ord Results: Girls: 100 meter dash—Journi Moran 14.40, Shaylee Thomsen 14.54, Allie Miller 14.99, Rilynn Veskerna 17.44 PB; 200 meter dash—Allie Miller 32.13 PB, Rilynn Veskerna 36.877 PB; 400 meter dash—Claire Cargill 74.58, Brookelyn Fox 80.83; 800 meter run—Izzy Jeffres 3:07.81, Elisabeth Bengston 4:11.90; 100 meter HH—Jocelyn Hinrichs 19.31; Shot put—Juls Gonzales 29’ 3.5” PB, Bailey Setlik 27’ 0.5” PB; Discus—Alli Moudry 96’ 1”, Bailey Setlik 81’ 10” PB, Rachel Simpson 42’ 4”; Long Jump—Shaylee Thomsen 12’ 11.5”, Jocelyn Hinrichs 12’ 6”; Triple Jump—Jocelyn Hinrichs 29’ 2.5”; Pole Vault—Piper Whited 6’ 6”.  Boys: 100 meter dash—Gage Racek 12.13 PB, Aidan Ryschon 12.06 PB, Dylan Hurlburt 12.37 PB, Gage Kolar 13.40; 200 meter dash—Gage Racek 25.15 PB, Ryan Gabriel 25.48 PB, Trent McCain 26.81, Elliot Baker 30.00 PB; 400 meter dash—Ryan Gabriel 57.93, Maddox Bennett 66.93 PB; 800 meter run—Braden Bruha 2:34.45 PB; 3200 meter run—Skylar Probst 15:19.20; Shot Put—Jed Boettcher 36’ 2”; Discus—Damon Stam 113’ 0” PB, Cainan Rogers 112’ 8”; Long jump—Gage Racek 17’ 5”, Ryan Gabriel 16’ 11.5”; Triple jump—Trent McCain 32’ 3.5”, Gage Kolar 32’ 6.5” PB; High Jump—Jason Brewer 5’ 0”, Garret Severance 5’ 0”.