Chant Football Is State Runner-Up

The Ord Chanticleers took to the hallowed turf at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln on Tuesday November 20 to compete in the school’s first state football championship game. The outcome was not as expected for the Chants as they ran into a red-hot Aurora offense that refused to slow down. The Chants hung in there in the first quarter, a 20-yard touchdown run by senior quarterback Jesse Ulrich gave Ord the lead 7-6 in the first and an interception by Riley Warner on the next possession presented an opportunity to extend that lead. The Chants failed to capitalize on that drive and from that point on the Huskies ran with the momentum to a 49-7 victory. Regardless, fans could see that this Chanticleer team never lost heart and played hard on every down. Plays throughout the game, like a sack by sophomore Tommy Stevens and an electrifying kickoff return by senior Jaden Reilly, showed the toughness and determination that has given this community something to be proud of all year. Though the day was lost this season was one unlike any other for the Chants. This team was ranked for the bulk of the season, had dominating victories over ranked opponents in both the regular season and the playoffs, and many Chants players put up impressive individual numbers. Senior quarterback Jesse Ulrich was a dual threat star for the Chants, racking up 1,624 yards and 15 touchdowns passing as well as 1,269 yards and 22 touchdowns on the ground this season. His counterparts in the backfield, Dalton Hurlburt and Tommy Stevens, had 787 yards and 548 yards respectively. Senior receivers Solomon Campise, Jaden Reilly, and Clayton Shoemaker led the team in receiving with Campise accumulating 620 yards, Reilly 435, and Shoemaker 282. On the defensive side the Chants were led by junior Ethan Gabriel, who had a hand in 115 tackles this season, and junior Riley Warner who led the team in takeaways with two fumble recoveries and six interceptions. In the kicking game, sophomore Kellen Meyer was good on six of seven field goal attempts and 49 of 53 PATs. This was truly a season to remember and certainly one that Chant fans will be talking about for many years to come. Congratulations to all the young men who fought this year and to the coaches; Nathan Wells, Carl Streeter, Nick Gates, Tyke Kozeal, Johnny Ference, Aaron Cargill, and Jordan Ryschon. Thanks to all of you and all of Chant Nation for making this year so special. Go Chants.







Team Statistics


Rushing- 55, Passing- 49


Rushing-107, Passing- 220


Individual Statistics


Rushing- Ulrich (35), Stevens (23), Hurlburt (4), Shoemaker (-1), Campise (-6)

Passing- Ulrich (49)

Receiving- Campsie (25), Shoemaker (14), J. Reilly (10)

Kicking- Meyer (PAT 1-1)


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