Novak Scholarship Available

The directors of the Frank J. Novak and Joe E. Novak Scholarship Foundation encourage graduates of Ord High School to apply for the Novak Scholarship.  Each scholarship award is worth $5,000.00. This year the board of directors will award five scholarships. The Novak Foundation is organized exclusively for the educational and charitable purpose of providing scholarships for needy, worthy high school graduates of Ord High School, with preference to residents of Valley County, for study or training in any craft, skill, trade or profession, including formal education at college levels and including study for advanced college degrees.

All graduates of Ord High School and current seniors are encouraged to apply for a Novak scholarship.  A scholarship award may be renewed one time and no individual shall be eligible to receive more than two scholarships.  A renewal shall be treated as a second scholarship.  The eligible individuals must be enrolled in a qualified program of study at an eligible educational institution (one that is eligible to receive federal funds for education) on at least a one-half-time basis for the scholastic year for which the scholarship is requested.  

The selection of recipients of a Novak Foundation scholarship is to be made on the basis of criteria including but not limited to: financial need, personal history, planned course of study, cost of planned course of study, prior academic performance, and motivation, character, ability, and potential.

Application deadline is March 29, 2021.  Applications can be downloaded at  Go to the Menu, go to Student Resources, go to scholarships, go to the scholarship link found on the left of the screen. You may copy the scholarship application, fill in the text boxes, print the scholarship application and then send it to after it has been signed.  If you have questions call Lana Kruml at Ord High School (308) 728-3241 or email